A Day in the Park

School children listening to a presentation by park rangers

Despite living on its doorstep, few local children have ever visited Katavi National Park.  Each year youth from village, Secondary and Primary Schools together with there guardian teacher visit Katavi National Park for a “Day in the Park”.  The goal of this project is to give youth a chance to learn about wildlife and the environment in order to encourage them to participate in its conservation, bestow an understanding of the importance of its protection and to encourage TANAPA (the park’s staff) to interact with the youth of Tanzania.

Youth observing a herd of buffalo at lake Chada, during a day in the park trip into Katavi National Park.

Youth observing a herd of buffalo at lake Chada,

During their “Day in the Park” the children visit many of Katavi’s finest sites, including Lake Chada where the Mpimbwe god ‘Katabi’ is thought to herd his hippopotami. They also are given presentations by TANAPA staff sergeants and rangers in which they learn about the benefits of national parks, are introduced to the role of the Tanzanian National Parks in nature conservation and discuss the threats to wildlife.

The new coaster bus

This project in Mpimbwe was started under MIMAMPI but is now coordinated by VIMA  and WASIMA with support from TANAPA. In 2011 funds were raised through TUSK Trusk and Nomad Trust to purchase a coaster bus that is dedicated by TANAPA for community park trips especially for school children.

Project funders: Tusk Trust, and Tanzania National Parks.

Teachers Standing Outside the MIMAMPI Office preparing for a national park trip