Monique Borgerhoff Mulder & Tim Caro (project coordinators)

Emily Fitzherbert: Emily coordinated WASIMA 2010-2013

Peter Genda: project manager for WASIMA  2011-12

Simon Beccaria: project manager WASIMA 2013-14

Sylvester Bwasama: Acting project manager WASIMA 2014-2015

Hans Cosmas Ngoteya – Project Manager for Usevya Youth and Education Center. 2014

Peter Mgawe, Sarah Jane Seel, Tony Waters: Historical research

Chris O’Brien: Archeological contributions to the history of Mpimbwe

Karyl Ketchum: Website, charitable foundation, laptops for Youth Centre

Caroline Chumo: Co-ordinator of Mimampi between 2007-2008

Jacob Mwalyoyo: Helped construct the Honey Hut tourist facility south of Katavi National Park

Barnabas Caro: Raised funds for the kindergarden in Mirumba from the Davis Waldorf school

Bill Cotter, Andrew Bower, Liseli James: fundraising for UDESO

Lali Heath (of Nomad Trust):  Raised money for solar panels for the Usevya Youth Centre.

The wardens and staff of Tanzania National Park Service in Sitalike

Amisa Msago and Osca Ulaya: provide extensive logistical support for all aspects of the development and research projects in Mpimbwe.