History and Culture

Because many of their traditional lands and important cultural sites are in what is now Katavi National Park, the culture of the WaPimbwe is being eroded. In a workshop (2008) in Mpanda, attended by the Prime Minister, the Honourable Mizengo K P Pinda (himself born in Mpimbwe), WaPimbwe elders discussed and debated the history of their chiefdom.

We now have an illustrated map of the old chiefdom of Mpimbwe in 1927 displayed in government offices and schools (see below). We have also written a history of Mpimbwe, with 3000 copies distributed to all the schools in the area. A longer academic version in English is in press.

Pimbwe_Cover_Final copy 2

Original Villages of the Pimbwe in 1927

Original Villages of the Pimbwe in 1927

Play audio file below to hear a Pimbwe childbirth song praising the midwives for helping with deliveries

Mnya Kisike

Mnya Kisike (born 1905) remembers the events surrounding the resettlement of the Pimbwe during the 1927 clearances and other events in his long life. Listen to his story, recorded in 2011, on audio player here: