MIMAMPI is a community based organization established in 2007 to facilitate environmental protection and promote development in Mpimbwe (Certificate of Registration with Ministry of Home Affairs 2nd May 2007)

Over the years MIMAMPI has received assistance from Chada Camp (Nomad Tanzania), Rufford Foundation, Winters Rotary Club (CA, USA), Cultural Survival, Davis Waldorf School, Dr. Karyl Ketchum and visibleworld.net. The following projects were completed by MIMAMPI. The initiative was headed by Michael Sungula.

Tree planting & poultry raising:  A school-based tree planting and poultry-raising project to teach students technical and business skills.  Project funders: Rufford Foundation.

Drilling a deep water well

Water Development:  MIMAMPI supported the District Government program for the drilling deep water wells in 12 villages in Mpimbwe.  Project funders: Winters Rotary Club (CA, USA) with support from USAID and Africare.

Seed funds for business: MIMAMPI ran a small enterprise programme, providing seed funds for businesses such as carpentry, sewing, honey production, crop buying and selling and funds for a maze grinding mill.

The first class in the Mirumba kindergarten

Mirumba village kindergarten project: A kindergarten was established in Mirumba village to enable mothers to leave their children safely while they attend to their fields. Project funders: Cultural Survival and the Davis Waldorf School.

Founding Mimampi