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The youth centre under construction (2011).

Due to our success in Usevya Village. The project name has been changed from Usevya Youth and Education Center (UYEC) which was based only in one village i.e. Usevya village, to Vijana na Mazingira (VIMA) in order to involve other villages: Milumba, Kibaoni, Manga, Ikuba and Usevya that we will be working with this year (2016) and more villages will be added as the project progress. There will be two branch offices: at Usevya (UYEC) and our main office at Milumba.

With funding from Winters Rotary Club (USA) and Besom, a youth centre has been built in Usevya (a ward capital) that will provide a recreational and environment educational facility for the youth in the community. Alongside an environmental library it also house Mpimbwe’s first internet café with 22 laptop computers donated by California State University, Fullerton.

Professor Tim Caro and Monique Mulder with youth in front of UYEC library. ( July 2015)

The project is directed by Professors from University of California Tim Caro and Monique Mulder and hired a new project manager Mr. Hans Cosmas Ngoteya September 2014.



Area South of Katavi National Park in Western Tanzania.

In the map top right is the location of Katavi National Park in Tanzania, The larger map shows the villages bordering southern of Katavi National Park and the project location.






14/ Feb/ 2016.

New phase new look to our youth football team, VIMA Project Manager Mr. Hans Cosmas handing over new sport equipment to VIMA FC captain at Usevya village play grounds.

3rd/11/2015. Youth from Usevya Primary School Environment Club are arranging polythene tubes with tree seedlings at their new tree nursery. This will be the first tree nursery at Usevya village and among successful tree nurseries in Mpimbwe ward. These tress will be used in rehabilitating deteriorated areas in the village and others will be sold to villagers in order to insure sustainability of the project at school. The trees planted in this nursery are agroforest, ornamental,indigenous and fruit trees. The project has been successful because of the funds from Tusk Trust and you who supported us in one way or the other.


Youth from Usevya Primary School Environment Club are shifting sprouting tree seedlings from the seed bed into the filled polythene tubes.

Youth filtering and mixing sand, soil and manure to be field in the polythene tubes.


Youth filling up polythene tubes, for shifting the sprouting tree seedlings from the seed bed.


On 19th/Aug we received another generous support of firstaid equipment from one of our partners’ Nomad Trust Chada Camp guest, through one of their great program Pack for a purpose ( Youth will no longer walk with open wounds after their games, thank you all for your support.


In collaboration with Watu Simba na Mazingira (WASIMA) campaign, we have conducted a one day seminar with schools environment club guardian teachers from three villages, the aims of the seminar was to share successes and challenges of each school and together we find possible solution for each challenge, also we reminded them their role as guardian teacher and how they can contribute in success and failure of their clubs and lastly a shot lesson on how they can start and maintain a tree nursery.


Some of Usevya primary school environment club students planting tree seeds at their seed beds.


Leadership training class, with club leaders from Usevya village environment club at UYEC library.


Youth measuring the width of a seasonal river Msadia which was once a permanent river, this activity will be conducted each year at September before the rains, in order to keep record of the increase of the river width each year. The results will help us to advice the village government on how human activities along the river basin can cause the expansion of the river and the effect that may result if they won’t react. Youth used a GPS to mark the coordinates of each sampled area.


Youth on a mission to identify different anthropogenic drivers of climate change around Usevya village. We are preparing a report to help the village government during their planning process.


Computer class at UYEC library.


22nd August we had a football match against Mizengo Pinda Secondary School at their school grounds. Youth beat them 2:1.


21st August, we hosted a Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) meeting, concerning Mpimbwe WMA, at our UYEC library buildings.


Youth listening to a presentation delivered by Katavi National Park Community Conservation Service Officer Mr. David Kadomo. Outside of Katavi NP dinning hall, after their lunch. During their trip into Katavi NP.


Binoculars class with environment club youth of Usevya Secondary School. We are preparing them for a field trip into Katavi National Park this Saturday. A field trip organized and facilitated by UYEC.


25th we had a friendly netball match with Mizengo Pinda Secondary, we worn 6:3, youth return home with victory. Thank you all our supporters. ( Tusk Trust, Nomad Trust, Winters Rotary, Pack for a purpoce and all who supports UYEC in one way or the other).


We have received a donation of books and sports, stationaries and drawing equipment from our partner Nomad Trust, donated by one of their visitors in Chada Camp Katavi National Park, Madam Julia Gorham through the help of Pack for a purpose website(
(Above left is Mr. Samwel Turuto, Nomad Trust Chada camp Manager, handing over the donated equipment to Mr. Hans Cosmas, UYEC Project Manager and a picture of some of youth and children very happy receiving the donation from Nomad Trust at the UYEC library building) 7thJuly 2015.


Every 5th June the world celebrates world environment day (WED)  by doing something positive to the environment. At UYEC we prepared an event for community conservation education at Usevya village few Kilometer from Katavi National Park. We managed to reach more than 300 villagers also put together all the key stakeholders of environment.

In the picture above is our guest of honor Mr David Kadomo , Park Warden community conservation department at Katavi National Park addressing the audience the importance of conserving environment.


Youth in a clean-up project at Usevya village market. “keep the village clean”


Computer class with Usevya Secondary school environment club


Usevya Secondary School environment club, group discussions during environment class sessions at UYEC.

Youth studying the symbiosis of fig tree and fig wasp during a study tour in one of local forest in Mabambasi village.


Youth observing Velvet Monkey during a study tour in one of local forest in Mabambasi village.


Our first movie night at UYEC (what a night), youths enjoyed it to the maximum.


Their has been a myth that chameleon can bit and when it change it’s color and match your cloths then u’ll die. At least that myth is not in Usevya junior youth any more.


Junior youth in an environment class, learning how to and the importance of maintaining soil from a PACE project film.
We have projectors, but luck of power source.
For support, contact or


Junior youth birders, watching birds. Thanks UCDavis faculty members for making this happen.


One of junior youth demonstrating the use of binoculars to his fellow, before starting bird watching. Thanks to UCDavis member, for donating binoculars to us. We have received the last set of binoculars this February.


Adult youth had a meeting with village officials, the meeting went well, it ends up with youth been promised to get a full employment of maintaining Usevya village environment, after they have shown their initiative of keeping Usevya village clean in their plans.


Youth enjoying environment materials at UYEC library.


Barnabas and James visited UYEC as one of their plans in the Sukuma documentary making, They talked with youth and took some footage while youth are on their daily activities. The video will be out soon.

seminar out1


We have started a 2 days seminar of capacity building. The main topics that youth will learn are Leadership skills, environment and importance of been in environment and wildlife clubs.
(Youth pause for pictures after the day 1 seminar)



12 pairs of binoculars have been donated by UCDavis fuculty members and more still to come, thanks to you guys, youth can’t wait to use them.


Sensitization in Usevya Primary School with WASIMA campaign. Encouraging junior youth to formulate school wildlife and environment clubs.


Junior youth birdwatching trip, into the nearest farmland areas.


Presentation to young adult youth by Mr Kadomo Park Warden (first right) from the Katavi National Park.


The hall floor, which was under construction is now complete youth are very excited as for now they can conduct different activities at the hall e.g. Seminars, teachings, etc.


Youth at the center have been divided into two groups. (1) Are those who range from 8 to 17 years old, whom we called them Junior youth. (2) Are those who range from 18 to 35 years old, whom we called them Young youth.


Junior youth have already started their activities- sports activities which include football and netball clubs. We face the challenge of sport equipment- balls, jerseys, shoes, skipping ropes, whistles, etc. We have also started wildlife and environment classes, as for now we are learning the importance of wildlife species and their habitats. Current challenges are insufficient furniture- chairs and tables, wildlife identification books and electrical power for the projector to show wildlife films. But we are working on solutions.


Students have always played a big role in the environment and wildlife conservation. Since they are the leader of the coming generation, building capacity and involving them in conservation activities will bring a big change in the environment and wildlife conservation in the future. By collaborating with WASIMA campaing, we have been moving around Primary and Secondary schools trying to encourage students to formulate environment clubs, in which it will be easy for UYEC to reach them out and educating them in issue pertaining conservation and involve them in different activities at the center.

Tim and Monique handing over football shirts to UDESO[/caption

You can read more about the Youth Centre with our partner NOMAD

Project Funders
Tusk Trust,  The Nomad Trust; Usevya Development Association (UDESO).